Johnny Boyd, lead singer and front-man for the boogie woogie swing group Indigo Swing, recently expressed his desire to seperate from the group in a letter distributed to fans.

November 9, 1999

Dear Friends,

It is with a very heavy heart that I write to tell
you that after six years since establishing Indigo
Swing, I will be leaving the band at the end of
this year. The best years of my life have been
making music with Indigo Swing, but after 3 years
of initial startup work and 3 years of nonstop
recording and touring, I am ready for a break. It
seems now is a natural stopping point for me to
rest and consider other projects that I am
interested in exploring.

I am aware of the many rumors that have circulated
regarding my "negative" attitude toward my current
situation, and I want to make it clear that these
rumors are false. Without delving into too much
detail, my decision to leave is not "negative" and
has nothing to do with my bandmates or making
music. I will say, however, that I am tired, and
my exhaustion may have been misinterpreted by
others as something other than that.

The life of a working musician is a difficult one.
My bandmates and I have worked harder and traveled
more in the last few years than we ever thought we
could. We have sacrificed our home lives and
personal goals to make our own kind of musicand
its been well worth it. Weve made friends in
every city in America, as well as many in Europe.
Weve received letters of support and hot meal
offers from people all over the world that we
never knew cared about us. Weve recorded and
performed our own songs for countless wonderful
audiences that seemed to really understand what we
were all about. As the leader of Indigo Swing, Im
proud of what we have accomplished, and Im proud
of our audience for digging deeper and
appreciating us.

I have renewed faith that people
are inherently good and decent beings, and I leave
Indigo Swing with positive feelings and many fond
memories. The life of a working musician is a
difficult one, and I thank God for giving me the
chance to live it. I am indeed the luckiest man on

The remaining Indigo Swing members may choose to
continue working together and will let everyone
know in the coming months what their plans will
be. I would like to continue writing and recording
music (perhaps a solo project) and pursue my hobby
of vintage neckties. Right now, however, Im
looking forward to doing nothing at all, but Ill
keep you posted as my plans develop.
Indigo Swing and I have finale shows scheduled for
November and December and invite you to come down
and celebrate with us!! As always, you can get
more Indigo Swing info at


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