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  • Chicago Sun-Times - Swing Kids Review - Review By Roger Ebert. "Swing Kids" involves a very small footnote to a very large historical event. One can only speculate on what kinds of compromises went into the making of this film. Was a decision made at some point to play up the swing music and play down the Nazi atrocities, to improve the film's box office chances? (Added: 27-May-1998 Hits: 1010)
  • Desert News - Swing Kids Review - "Swing Kids" is a tepid, pretentious melodrama that happens to contain a few rousing dance-hall sequences but abbreviates every one of them with some kind of violent confrontation. (Added: 27-May-1998 Hits: 831)
  • Movie Magazine International - Swing Kids Review - The concept for the new Disney film "Swing Kids" evolved after screenwriter Jonathan Feldman saw a reference to the phenomenon "in an obscure historic journal". The National Socialist movement objected to American swing music because it was created by Black and Jewish artists, therefore German youths who championed swing represented a political danger. Or so this movie says and/or tries to say for 113 minutes. (Added: 27-May-1998 Hits: 826)
  • Reel Views - Swing Kids Review - Undoubtedly, the best part of Swing Kids are the musical numbers. Skillfully choreographed and filmed with flair, these scenes convey the life and energy of being on the dance floor when swing music represented more than just an aspect of pop culture. Nothing else in the nearly two-hour film comes close to these moments for color, style, or impact, which is a prime reason why Swing Kids is so weak. (Added: 27-May-1998 Hits: 782)

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