BOOK REVIEW: Your Vintage Wedding

Vintage-themed weddings are a growing trend, especially with the resurgence in swing music and retro culture and lifestyle. This book by Nancy Eaton of the Retroactive web site covers the entire gamut of planning and executing a vintage wedding.

Your Vintage Wedding covers eras from 1910 to 1950 and is fully accessible to the casual couple who simply want a touch of by-gone class, or to the diehards who must have an authentic days-of-old nuptials.

Eaton concisely culls together a lot of information that would be very difficult to find anywhere else, including three 1940s wedding budgets, the most popular wedding songs of each decade, what a traditional vintage photo package would include, and things that can get damaged with vintage wedding apparel.

Other chapters focus on: locations to hold receptions touching on both actual old buildings, and how-tos on "dressing up" contemporary ones, vintage cakes, color schemes, and menu choices. It is a wealth of information and excellent pictures from both the vintage eras and recreations.


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